Raunchy Good Show

This is definitely not a play for your parents. Such a great cast! These actors wear their characters like a second skin. You really do get the feeling that you're seeing a microcosm of their lives. Peter's a bit of a jerk but not so much that you can't see why Bobby loves him. I really loved the minimal set. It really captures the essence of Oak Street Beach on the North Side: sand, a bench, and some trash that just missed the can. Great production over all a stunning theatrical spectacle.


I was blown away by this show! I was actually in Starbucks drinking coffee and surfin the web when this random girl comes up to me and says "would you like to see a show?" so I went and I did not regret it! This play has heart, soul, comedy, drama, love, passion, and surprises. I really liked the scene right before intermission and the way they left you hanging on the edge of your seat, not wanting to go into intermission. Your like what will happen!!! I highly recommend seein this show. It is one you wont want to miss. And it has such a short run. Only 2 more weekends! Get your butts to this show!