Opened Nov 13, 2008
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Tony Award nominee Lisa Kron puts herself onstage in this quirky and delicious memoir about her mother's fight for racial integration and healthy communities in Lansing, Michigan. But Kron's self-assured character is defeated - and deconstructed - in the retelling by her own mother, who occupies a La-Z-Boy at the edge of the stage. At first grudgingly, then energetically, Kron's mother Ann takes over the memoir, recalling and revealing the fiery sprit beneath her lifetime of illness. Ann buddies up with the rest of Lisa's cast, derailing her smart and savvy performance about social and physical health, and instead weaves a funny and touching story of her daughter's growing up. "Kron's hilarious, deeply affecting play cuts to the core of the mother-daughter relationship" -Entertainment Weekly

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Full Cast Set for Next Theatre Company's Well - Sep 18, 2008

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