Tunnel Rat

1hr. 20min.
Opened Apr 5, 2012
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In late 1965 after a run-in with the law, 17-year old Ronnie Giles was given the option of joining the Army....or going to jail. He chose the Army-and inevitably-Vietnam. Because he was short, he was 'volunteered' to go into the Vietcong Tunnels in and around the jungles of Chu Chi. By now it is early 1966. He is 18-years old, and yet another reluctant Tunnel Rat is born. Many years later as an older, troubled and guilt-ridden man, he cannot remove nor can he escape from the images he encountered in the tunnels. Tunnel Rat "explores the complex nature of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and what is important to a man.... and to a nation. Tunnel Rat will be directed by Brian LeTraunik and features Stefanie Johnsen, Joyce Hshieh and Mark Shallow as Ronnie Giles.

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