Time Stands Still

Opened Jan 19, 2012
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For photojournalist Sarah Goodwin, happiness is rushing from hotspot to hotspot capturing images of global conflict. When she barely survives a bomb blast in Iraq, she's forced to return home into the care of her long-time lover, James. She's caught off-guard by James's desire for family and by the simple domestic life pursued by Richard, her editor, and his much younger girlfriend, Mandy. Pressed to consider settling into a "normal" life, Sarah must confront her addiction to the drama and chaos of war. From Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Margulies, Time Stands Still is a witty, intelligent look at what happens when ordinary life is refracted through the lens of war.

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Francis Guinan, Sally Murphy, et. al Set for Steppenwolf's Time Stands Still - Dec 15, 2011

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