The Homosexuals



RE:If you've ever loved a homosexual, See This Play!

Philip Dawkinss wonderful new play peels through just about every conceivable gay stereotype and decades-long assumption and brings to intimate, known, loving and in-your-face reality this cast of homosexual boys and men, and the people who love them, in a heart-warming / heart-breaking / often hilarious [and truly cleverly constructed] new piece being premiered by About Face Theatre at Victory Gardens. These performers are SO good, you will leave the theatre knowing them -- and yourself -- in some marvelous new ways. Its really, really good. Philip Dawkins has created a great new piece of comedic drama, and, make no bones about it [thats my throw-away line. hello? good, no?], this play has legs. See it here, first. Youll be glad you did. We love you Philip. xo