The Emperor's New Clothes



Seeing It Twice-condensed version

by Kathleen Marik The Emperors New Clothes, at The National Pastime Theater was quite entertaining. Meg Elliot?s Korminsky was funny in a Groucho Marx kind of way. Mary Roberts, David Bettino, and Taylor Entwistle were film noir snappy as the emperors evil advisors. Don Claudin?s Emperor, coming out naked, and everyone reacting to his "outfit" was quite a funny moment. His cocky strutting-was right on the money for the entire show. Miona Harris? Empress and Meg Elliot?s Tailor, found some poignant connections with each other. This play is interesting, cohesive, funny, and has decent production value. Worth the twenty dollar price tag! I saw this show twice. The first time I wasn?t as impressed, but went again, letting my brother foot the bill. They made improvements in a week that quite frankly, made it a different show. Thats what I like to see in theater: a living creation, ever changing, and always improving.

RE:Seeing It Twice Saved This Show For Me

by Kathleen Marik I saw The Emperors New Clothes, at The National Pastime Theater, on two nights- Saturday, July 3rd and Saturday, July 10th, with 2 very different results. On the 10th, it was quite entertaining, but the week before, it was like a different show! I couldnt believe it. On July 10th, from the very first scene, I was invested. Korminsky, played by Meg Elliot, was funny in a Groucho Marx kind of way, instead of small and FLAT, the first time I saw it. The three actors, Mary Roberts, David Bettino, and Taylor Entwistle, playing the emperors advisors, had a spark and snap that simply wasnt there the first time. True of the first scene & the rest of the play. The scene when Don Claudin, as the Emperor, comes out naked, and everyone reacts to his "outfit", was really funny. He was great for the entire show. The scenes with Miona Harris, as the Empress and Meg Elliot, this time as the Tailor, were poignant and connected. Plus I could HEAR everything. Everything! On July 3rd, the night after opening, the rainstorm was WAY too loud, and the sound of shattering glass occured about 2 seconds after the actors "broke" a window. When the rain stopped, I STILL couldnt hear MOST of what was said. There was another annoying noise, sounding like an ancient air unit, like the one in my grandmothers living room in Florida. The loud motor mercifully stopped, but the actors seemed uncomfortable & hardly ever connected. Neither issue existed on July 10th. I saw this show again, only because my brother, wanting to see it, offered to pay for my ticket. The second time I saw it, I was SHOCKED! The play seemed new and improved, and that aspect held true for the remainder of the show. In fact, afterward I overheard ANOTHER patron, whom I also recognized from the first time I saw the play, telling one of the performers out in the lobby, how glad he was that he saw it the second time! He had the same experience. Funny. That night this play was interesting, cohesive, funny, and had decent production value. Well worth the twenty dollar pricetag! I wouldnt have been able to say that if I had only seen it that first night. In fact, if I had only seen it that first night, I wouldnt even have cared enough to write this review. The difference between the two shows earned my respect; enough for me to spend some time this Monday evening pointing that out. Even though my brother paying for my ticket on July 10th put me in a good mood, and even with my expectations being very low-having seen it the week before; it was obvious that the artists who put on this production did some very necessary tweaking during the week between the two showings. Thats what I like to see in theater: a living creation, ever changing, and always improving.