The Ballad of the Sad Café

1hr. 45min.
Opened Aug 9, 2009
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Albee's signature piercing dialogue propels this 1963 dramatic adaptation that centers on the question: is it better to be the loved, or the beloved? Amelia Evans is the despotic proprietor of The Sad Café, located in a small Georgia towns' center in the 1930s. Lymon - a strange hunchback that turns out to be a relative Amelia's never met - becomes the target of her unlikely affection, forming an unusual love triangle when her estranged husband Marvin returns. When Marvin threatens to leave (with Lymon) if Amelia doesn't acquiesce to his demands, she refuses, and the husband and wife settle the matter violently - and in front of the entire town - with their bare hands.

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