The 2050 Project by Theater Un-Speak-Able

1hr. 30min.


Theater Un-Speak-Able will be performing at Piccolo Theatre. Theater Un-Speak-Able's 2050 Project is a two-show single performance that crashes, swoops and zips into Evanston for one exciting weekend, providing a double dose of super-powered, locomotive action and futuristic suspense. On the stage first, Superman 2050, named "Top Fringe Theater Production of 2011" by the Chicago Tribune's Nina Metz, showcases seven fearless actors working atop a 3 foot by 7 foot platform, teetering at their very own peril! Then board the high-speed train of the future, the Toronto Zephyr, for Murder on the Midwest Express; zip around the scene of a crime with a cast of zany characters who will keep you guessing "who done it" until the very end of the line. Appropriate for ages 10 and up.

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