Ten Square

Opened Sep 25, 2009
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The fictional Ten Square tells a tale of what America could be, and much of what America has already become, in the not-too-distant future. On the heels of the government's apology to African-Americans for slavery, the Reparations Movement was born. The movement was successful, checks were written to the descendants of slaves, and the seeds for a new America were sown. Ten Square is one of the cities that emerged in "New America" and the life of the African-American community has been forever altered. Roosevelt, a resident of Ten Square and a soldier duty-bound to protect the new world order, must negotiate between his obligations to his lover, his family and his government. The cast of Ten Square includes Leonard House (Roosevelt), Daryl Charisse (Mama), Earl Fox (Sandman), Eddie Jordan III (Drexel), Nambi E. Kelley (Talia), Carla Stillwell (Lieutenant Truth), Austin Talley (Colonel), Andre Teamer (Leviticus) and Sati Word (Clyde). Live music will be performed by Red Clay.

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