Rudolph the Red Hosed Reindeer

Opened Nov 30, 2007
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Chicago's favorite cross-dressing reindeer is back and more confused than ever. After taking a hiatus in 2004, David Cerda's classic Chicago parody of the classic children's television special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer returns for its SEVENTH holiday season! Rudolph, The Red-Hosed Reindeer is a story of Rudolph, the closeted cross-dressing reindeer, and his misfit friends -- Herbie, the "not gay enough" elf who wants to be a dentist and Yukon Cornelia, the butch prospector with a deep dark secret -- search for happiness... and attempt to outrun the horrifyingly tacky Abominable Drag Beast! Rudolph is updated to cover all of the insanity of 2007 with all new surprises.

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