Lookingglass Alice

1hr. 30min.
Opened Jun 16, 2010
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Adapted by Ensemble Member and Artistic Director David Catlin from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Lookingglass Alice is a muscular, acrobatic, and dizzyingly playful show for all ages. This Alice falls, floats, flies, defies gravity and the rules of logic during her wonderland journey through the looking glass to become a queen. With a juggling Mad Hatter, a precariously balancing Humpty Dumpty, and a bumbling Knight who invents his way into Alice's heart, Lookingglass Alice revisits the stories that inspired the founding of Lookingglass Theatre Company twenty years ago. Lookingglass Alice is produced in association with The Actors Gymnasium.

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Lookingglass Alice Extends Through September 12 - Aug 4, 2010

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