Little Brother

0hr. 2min. (1 intermission)


A rousing tale of techno-geek rebellion, Cory Doctorow gives us a vision of the future as seen through the eyes of Marcus, aka "wln5t0n," a seventeen year old hacker who decides to fight back against a government out of control. Paying homage to Orwell's 1984, Little Brother looks at the aftermath of a terrorist attack on San Francisco. In the wrong place at a very wrong time, Marcus is arrested and spends days in an undisclosed location where he is brutalized by federal agents. After his release Marcus starts a rebellion via X-Box, a tool he's able to hack to create a secure underground internet. He and his friends and allies share knowledge, ideas, risks and bandwidth--wreaking havoc on a government that's out to destroy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A New York Times best seller and 2009 Hugo Award nominee for novel of the year.

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