Lights Out, Everybody Venue and Location

Dream Theatre
556 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60616
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Dream Theatre

556 W 18th St Chicago, IL 60616


Lights Out, Everybody
They Call Me Q
The Roast of Cinderella
Put It In the Scrapbook
Modal Kombat
The Alembic
Lady Love
As We Like It
Dawn on a Splintered Heart
55 Minutes of Sex, Drugs and Audience Participation
Demain L'Aurore
Nearly Naked
My Salvation Has a First Name: A Wienermobile Journey
Jesus, Shakespeare, and Lincoln Walk into a Bar
...inside my kaleidescope
Moving Day
Mama Juggs
Gloss Over
The Temp
Knee Jerk
Grind: The Musical
The Fugitives
Driving the Body Back