Killer Joe

Opened Feb 21, 2000
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Brimming with lust, greed, sex and violence, KILLER JOE is the high-voltage story of the Smiths, a dysfunctional Texas trailer park family whose social norms have vanished into oblivion. The family includes a son, Chris, who needs quick cash to pay off a debt; his remarried father, Ansel, who is in no position to help him; his crude and often nude stepmother, Sharla, a hateful harpy; and his innocent but disturbed sister Dottie. Chris' real mother has stolen the only assets he has, leaving him in dire straits and able to see only one way out. This predicament leads all of the characters to Killer Joe Cooper, a Dallas detective and gun-for-hire. Audiences are advised this production contains violence and graphic sexual content.

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They Just Can't Kill Killer Joe - Mar 10, 2000

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