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The Right Brain Project presents Randall Colburn's Hesperia, an intimate portrait of sexuality, innocence, and redemption. Claudia remembers, as a child, Ian sneaking into her bedroom late at night and holding her as she cried. Or was it the other way around? Regardless, that was a long time ago - before they ran off to L.A., before the drugs, and before they found themselves knee-deep in the adult film industry. The money and drugs claimed Ian, but Claudia got out, knowing nobody would take her seriously when she ran off to Hesperia, a small Midwestern hamlet just miles from where she grew up. She hoped to redefine herself on her own terms - to rediscover the little girl that chased trains on her bicycle. Little did she realize, she would also find God, and a bright-eyed man who could love her like Ian once did so long ago. But now, just weeks before her wedding, Ian has shown up at her door with his tail between his legs, forcing her to ask the question: "Can he be saved too?" Redemption, Claudia learns, never comes without a sacrifice.

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