Hansel and Gretel

2hr. 11min.
Opened Dec 7, 2012
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Hansel and Gretel This deliciously enthralling show has won accolades on two continents, and the lushly romantic score is beloved by all. But for those who think all fairytales are sugarcoated, remember that the Brothers Grimm usually lived up to their name. Food and the lack of it propel the story of two children who dream not of toys but of having enough to eat. When the family cupboard's bare, their mother (no June Cleaver!) sends them into the very dark forest to find the evening meal. Encounters with the Sandman and the Dew Fairy turn out to be lovely-but meeting the Witch is anything but. Like some deranged Julia Child, she's got a very sinister reason for wanting to add more butter to fatten up these children.

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