Funk it Up About Nothin'

Opened Jan 21, 2011
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International hip-hop superstars MC Don Pedro and his crew emerge victorious from their long tour with a record number of rap battles, and accept an invitation to chill out at the mansion of the mad rich Leonato. When MC Claudio and Leonato's daughter Hero lay eyes on each other, it's love at first sight. Playboy MC Benedick and Hero's cousin Lady B engage in battles of wits and swear off love . . . but not if Don Pedro and the rest of the crew can convince them otherwise. Don Pedro's bastard brother Don John schemes to funk it all up and mess with everybody's fun. With a live DJ spinning some truck-thumpin' beats, Shakespeare's romantic comedy Much Ado About Nothing is transformed into a hip-hop celebration of language, love and laughter.

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Funk It Up About Nothin' to Play New York Prior to Chicago Run and Australian Tour - Nov 15, 2010

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