Opened Apr 16, 2007
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Nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play in 2004, Bryony Lavery's acclaimed drama Frozen, exploring grief, revenge and forgiveness, finally comes to Chicagoland to close Next Theatre's 26th Season. Ten-year-old Rhona has gone missing and her mother Nancy is trapped in a state of frozen hope. An ambitious American academic named Agnetha, who is researching serial murderers, unearths Ralph Wantage, Rhona's abductor. Through lectures and criminal interviews, Agnetha attempts to prove that Ralph's perversion is the effect of nature, rather than nurture. Nancy can only see in Ralph a calculated evil, yet she yearns to confront him and face the ultimate test of forgiveness. The play is a chilling portrait of three intertwined lives that ultimately curves upwards to the light. The show features Joseph Wycoff as Ralph, Laura Fisher as Nancy and Jenny McKnight as Agnetha. Goodman Theatre Associate Producer Steve Scott directs. "a major play... thrilling, humane and timely." -- Times (London)

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