Dying City

Opened Feb 9, 2009
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Kelly's husband Craig died last year during military duty in Iraq. Tonight, his identical twin brother, Peter, arrives on her doorstep, looking for a confidant and a companion in grief. Kelly negotiates the secrets of her grief in the face of Peter's probing questions, and the depth of her loss is illuminated through flashbacks of her and her husband's last night together. Shinn's charged, probing tale of unexpected loss reveals the intimate and often unseen impact of recent political history on three very different individuals. Christopher Shinn's Dying City replaces the previously announced world premiere adaptation of Karel ?apek's War With the Newts, which has been postponed until the 2009-10 season.

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Full Cast and Creative Team Set for Next's Dying City - Jan 8, 2009

Next Theatre Replaces War of the Newts With Dying City - Dec 5, 2008

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