Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Opened Oct 2, 2010
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Against the backdrop of Victorian London in 1883, the respected Dr. Jekyll begins acting alarmingly erratic toward his friends. At the same time, a brutal figure haunts the city's streets, committing murder and assault under the cloak of darkness and the dismal London fog. Gabriel Utterson, a lawyer and friend of Jekyll, is very concerned about his friend's choice of acquaintances. He confronts the monstrous Mr. Hyde in a maze of interlocking scenes that attempt to answer the puzzles at the heart of a tortured soul. In Jeffrey Hatcher's retelling of this classic tale, one actor portrays Dr. Jekyll and four other actors portray Hyde, each revealing his many faces: brutality, sexuality, heartlessness and cruelty. This adaptation questions the line between good and evil as the mystery of the connection between the virtuous doctor and the vicious stranger unravels. The final struggle for control of one man's soul brings Jekyll face to face with his deepest nature.

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