Dr. Harlon's Keys to Better Living

1hr. 10min.
Opened Nov 13, 2009
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Dr. Harlon's Keys to Better Living features self-help guru/infomercial celebrity Dr. Harlon Stewart, who claims to have the answers to a better way of life, and ten devotees who have chosen to follow his dubious advice.In a series of monologues, interspersed with video segments that illuminate those "Keys to Better Living," the audience is introduced first to Dr. Harlon Stewart, and then to ten people who subscribe to the image-conscious behavior that he's espousing - people like Greg Woodside, a father determined to get the perfect Christmas card picture of his infant son; Irving Cloyd, an elderly booking agent fighting obsolescence; Trey Oliver, a socialite and international traveler; Bobby Velour, a take-no-prisoners nightclub entertainer; and Ken Liederman, a down-on-his-luck mattress salesman.

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