Church Girls, Umatilla USA, the Musical

Stage 773
1225 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657
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It is a #@$#*$# hoot!!!!

Friend told me about it. Laughed my @$# off! Funniest show Ive seen in a long time. By the way, &#@* the reviews... let the people be heard, because the critics are *#$@ up! Go.

RE:CRITIC'S CHOICE! Funniest show!

Stage 773 is hosting this wildly funny new show about a group of church ladies and their husbands and their friends in a tiny Southern town... Go see this show! Six comedians portray all the characters of this crazy, kooky world, and they do it seamlessly. The songs bounce along with clever lyrics, and the finale scene is a hoot! A must see!