Be A Good Little Widow



Collaboraction, the award-winning theater-based artist collective, presents the Chicago premiere of Be A Good Little Widow, a dark serio-comedy about love and loss written by up-and-coming playwright Bekah Brunstetter and directed by Collaboraction's Executive Artistic Director Anthony Moseley. Set in the heartland of Connecticut, Be A Good Little Widow introduces audiences to Brunstetter's world where one newlywed woman learns to grieve like a grownup. This is the story of Melody, a stranded-in-suburbia housewife, whose husband Craig globe-trots for work, leaving Melody at home to struggle to win the approval of her supercilious mother-in-law, Hope. But Melody can't figure out the rules of being a good little wife, so when her husband dies she is at a loss to live up to Hope's standards of grieving. In Be A Good Little Widow Brunstetter crafts a surprisingly funny and moving portrait of love, loss and temptation.

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