A Shot in the Dark

2hr. 30min. (2 intermission)
Opened Mar 1, 2013
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Paris 1961. Josefa Lantenany a good hearted and guileless child of nature is hauled in on a charge of murder, having been found next to her dead lover, unconscious, nude, and holding the murder weapon. French Magistrate Paul Sevigne, prepared for an easy open-and-shut case, becomes bewildered by Josefa's bubbling babbling about "everything under the sun" and declares, to the threat of his judicial neck, that she must be innocent. Sevigne must now reload his investigation narrowing the wealthy Benjamin Beaurevers who cannot speak simply, and his wife Dominique, a direct descendant of Attila the Hun. Paul sifts through the madness, finds the right culprit, and wins the opportunity for more than just keeping his job.

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