A Devil Inside

Opened Aug 3, 2002
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Mrs. Slater has waited fourteen long years to tell her son, Gene, the truth. And when he wakes up on his twenty-first birthday, she greets him with the customary banners and good wishes, and then gets to the point. "Your father was murdered. He was stabbed in the back and his feet were lopped off and thrown into a drainage ditch." Thus begins a comic and twisted journey of obsession and revenge. A Devil Inside satirizes elements of nineteenth-century Russian novels, complete with seizures, hallucinations, a flooding city, nightmares, train wrecks and suicide, all wrapped around a murder mystery with a Rube Goldberg-like plot. Marking the one year anniversary of the devastating tragedy we now call September 11th, HyperWorld Theatre will donate a portion of the A Devil Inside box office proceeds from the weekend of Sept 12, 13 and 14, 2002 to the Gennie G. Gambale Endowed Scholarship.

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