500 Clown Macbeth

Opened Jun 16, 2007
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500 Clown Macbeth smashes the original story to pieces, then tears through the rubble to forge a wild, unpredictable, devastating and hilarious deconstruction of Shakespeare's classic. Three clowns descend upon a stage to perform the Scottish play. Infected by ambition, they compete for the title role and, in the process, they destroy the text, the set and eventually each other. Ripping through the fourth wall, the clowns generate a charged environment in which the audience is left to wonder what was planned and what was created for the first time. Featuring no red noses, big shoes nor tiny cars, 500 Clown conspires with the audience to redefine "clown" and Macbeth as they propel this version to its exhilarating conclusion.

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