Sure, you may be three quarters of the way through the school year, but Junie B. Jones is just getting started. Entering first grade, she's got a lot to deal with: making new friends, having new glasses, and the annual kick ball tournament, for starters. The fast-paced musical stops in at the Paramount Theatre on April 20. Then again, if you don't even want to think about school there are plenty of other distractions. The Paramount also offers Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on April 27 & 28. With a soundtrack that ranges from country to jazz to 50s rock-and-roll, the show offers a colorful ride through Biblical Egypt. Or allow yourself to be transported to Narnia (Opening April 21 at the Apollo Theatre), where the Pevensie children explore a winter wonderland and realize they're anything but normal. Over at the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre are The Devil's Arithmetic (April 11-17) and The Velveteen Rabbit (April 23-29). Arithmetic should be left to the bigger kids (the show is recommended for 6th graders and up), while the Rabbit is perfect for Kindergarteners through 3rd graders.