1hr. 30min.
Opened Jul 10, 2007
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Cheyenne My Hero

I absolutely wont forget this one! I laughed the whole way through. Very entertaining. It brings you back to the 80s and my childhood of watching the movie over & over again. I still watch the movie and have it on my iPOD. LOL

A Circus on Rollerskates

When you enter a theater and find some of the audience on the stage and a purple wigged girl selling water in an Austrailian accent, you know this is a different kind of show. In fact, it could almost be mistaken for a circus. Though the acting was very good, especially that of Tony Roberts and the two evil sisters, the plot and music was too silly to enjoy. The musicals only redeeming quality was a tap dance scene halfway through. My recommendation: skate away from this one!


One of the most enjoyable evenings in the theater, ever! This delightful show whizzes by with tons of laughs & a great script. The music, singing & choreography are superb. Kerry Butler is truly delightful & Cheyenne Jackson has a great, powerful voice. Wonderful.

Pure fun...

Much better than I thought! Plus, sexy C.Jackson & oh so funny Mary T!!!