I don't understand the bad reviews!

I just finished reading the bad reviews on this show and I have to disagree. I actually really enjoyed it and I was laughing throughout the play, particularly with el Gato and the Boy Band. Yes the plot could have been better and the scenery a tad bit more appealing but I still walked out of there with a big smile on my face!

A visual spectacle

This show was incredibly beautiful to watch. All the costumes and sets were magnificent. However, all of this beauty did not help the overall show. With changes to the script, especially with regards to the need for a better plot climax, this show could be a real winner.

Stars in Wonderland

After leaving the show, I was left with a sense of feeling uplifted. The music, the costumes, the voicesa, especially Clohe, the daugter. Funny lines and "boy band" dancing were up lifting. See it if you want to smile throughout and leave the theater smiling. Great family viewing.


This show has so much that is good in it that its too bad it does not work. The songs if not memorable are melodic and proves that melody on Broadway is still possable. The problem is that yhe books indisision weather to be funny or serious splits the show to such a degree that it winds up being neither. The cast is attractive and the visuals are first rate. The staging is little more than routine but the pluses in the show may be enough to make it worth seeing.

What a disappointment

Hearing that this show had been in development for so long before reaching Broadway, we were expecting good things. Unfortunately, despite an innovative story, impressive sets and a talented cast, the score is a big let down and seems to have been the last priority. All except one song, One Knight, which is performed with hilarious boy band-style choreography by Darren Ritchie and four backing singers. Sadly Ritchies promise evaporates in the second half when you hear his dreadful attempt at an English accent. This is the worst show we have seen on Broadway and the first time I have been glad when a show was over. Dont waste your money.

Wonderland: Great Beginning and Mediocre End

I took my daughter to see Wonderland last week with great expectations. The shows first 4 or 5 scenes are amazing! The sets and costumes are visually stunning, choreography is great, the actors and orchestra are beyond talented. When the story gets to the tea party scene the writers stoop to the gratuitous tea party joke for easy laughs and you are snapped back to reality. Although there are a couple of good songs in the second act, the show never approaches the momentum of the first act. With changes, this show has the potential to be great.

Show with a Heart

Saw this in previews last week and wondered what all the fuss was about with the story? The show was just a lot of fun. The audience was into many of the songs I know Ill buy the soundtrack, cant say that for very many shows lately and I thought it delivered a nice message that was relevant to todays world. Loved Janet Dacals voice and Darren Ritchie looked like he was having a lot of fun...which was reflected in the audiences feedback. There were definitely a few hiccups,nothing major that I saw, but I suspect theyll be ironed out by opening. Id recommend this to anyone wanting to have a fun night at the theatre and wanting to walk out of the theatre feeling a little uplifted. I would make one change to the costumes for the Madhatters guards...they looked too much like flying monkeys.

Amazing show, but plot stinks

The show was visually stunning, what with the costumes and sets, and the music was absolutely amazing. My only complaint is that the plot collapsed around itself in the second act, and there were one or two superfluous scenes, but it didnt detract from my enjoyment of the musical.

RE:You'll be singing Wonderland

I initially saw Wonderland when it first previewed in Tampa in December 2009, and after seeing it 4 or 5 times during the first Tampa run, for he most part I was impressed with the elaborate costumes, the choreography, the set design, the majority of the tunes, and most of the cast. The story, however, needed revisions. After going to Houston in late January 2010 and readings in other cities, it recently returned to Tampa in early January 2011 with numerous rewrites, including a very long and elaborate Tea Party, which was absent in the first version. The revised Wonderland, which I had the pleasure to see on opening night in Tampa on January 5th, is much better especially in the first act and different than the first version. I miss the quirky Jabberwocky of the initial show However, the new second act is lacking some cohesiveness to bring the story together. Why is Alice taking Jack back and forgetting about a divorce? Hopefully, that will be answered before going off to Broadw