West Side Story

2hr. 40min. (1 intermission)


West Side Story

This play was seen on 11/21/10 in the Palace Theater Midtown NYC: I went to a Leonard Bernstein tribute concert at the NYC Opera house in Lincoln center. They performed several of his songs from this production and I was interested enough to want to go see it. I should say that this was my first time ever seeing any production of this musical. The dancing was amazing the songs were very good and the ending had the whole audience filled with the emotional intended emotional impact. Drawbacks would definitely be 1 in act 2 when Anita goes to Doc?s Drug Store to tell the Jets that Maria would be late, what was supposed to be a ?near rape? absolutely seemed instead to be a rape scene 2 It was widely broadcast that this production was special because it performed several songs in Spanish. This took away from the piece for me. I don?t know Spanish, the play was not originally written with Spanish, and I wasn?t able to put enough words together to fully understand what was being said although I did get the gist of it through the scene & emotions portrayed. That being said, it was still a fun filled night of music and amazing dancing. For these aspects along I probably would have given the play 4 stars but with all the Spanish language used I can only give it three

Not Great

Tony and Maria were mis-cast, they were not believable, and to be frank, their vocals were not all that spectacular. However, the ensemble numbers were amazing!!!


What a disappointment. First of all its impossible to hear and/or understand half of what the cast is saying. Secondly, they seemed like they wished they were anywhere else but on that stage. Thats how uninvolved they were. Last but not least, if you want to see a great performance of a show, go within the first couple of months when things are still fresh.


Couldnt wait for it to end. My high school did a better production of this classic musical in the 70s.


Not the best show ive ever seen, but i loved the music and the stage combat was awesome! Maria wasnt the best because Anita stole the show! its still worth seeing though.

West Side Story Tickets

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Very disappointing

I was looking forward to seeing a "famous" show live on Broadway...but alas it was the worst I have seen on Broadway after Chicago. Famous songs which are full of emotions such as love and anger did not come over at all. Both Tony and Maria were poor, poor singers and actors. The acoustics were very bad also. Dancing not too bad ...This is the first broadway show that no one stood up to ask for an encore....

West side story 8pm performance fri 2/19

I thought the overall production was done well and very enjoyable. The choreography and orchestra were excellent and I liked the blend of English/ spanish dialogue/singing, I would have cut back on it slightly and only used it at specific instances. I felt that the female cast was stronger than the male actors. I was also surprised with the choice for Tony Matt Hydzik, he had a good voice at times but I expected stronger vocals and someone with a broader stature etc. He was off on the song Maria, btw. Anita Karen Olivio was spot onBRAVO BRAVO and the adult actors were totally in character. My thoughts..... discuss......


I was really looking forward to be moved by this but was disappointed. The audio was horrible - sometimes you could not hear speech or song because there was lack of voice projection. Much of the acting was very amateurish. Maybe a different cast with more energy would be better. Also, didnt understand half of the dialogue and song because it was not in English.

A Classic is Always a Classic

I dont understand what all the disappointment and scolding reviews are all about. This truly was a MAGNIFICENT production. Although there were some things that could be changed, such as the little boy singing Somewhere, the casting of Rosalia sorry but how this girl was cast in that role Ill never know, and the weaving in of spanish in select scenes, this truly was a beautiful production. At first I was not impressed with Josefina Scaglione, but her voice grew on me tremendously throughout the show. It has such a delicate but incredibly beautiful quality to it that not many singers today can achieve. She was adorable, lovable, and surprisingly funny. Matthew Hydzik was a good Tony. His voice was incredibly beautiful and light, and he seemed to have good chemistry with Ms. Scaglione. My only complaint is that he seemed grounded during his solo songs. Other than that, pretty good. Karen Olivo was a POWERHOUSE of talent. Her presence on stage is overwhelming, and your eyes are constantly darting back and forth between her and the occuring scene. A Boy Like That and America, both lead by Ms. Olivo, were highlights of the show. The choreography was great. Beautiful in some scenes, poweful in others, and sometimes even frightening, it truly helped further enhance the story. Highlights of the show include Mambo, America, Tonight, Cool, and a Boy Like That/I Have a Love moved me to tears. All in all, if you want to see a classic, go see this now. There were a few errors, but if you wish to see a beautiful production that moves you to tears, makes you laugh, and makes you fall in love, go see West Side Story.

Ver Disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Olivo was the ONLY reason to see this production..I waited my whole life to see WSS on Broadway and was hideously DISAPPOINTED..Aside from Ms. Olivo, the production was amateurish..There was NO blend bet. scene-song-dance..The performers all seemed to be just waiting to get to the next song..The acting, casting, pace were atrocious..Sad..Sad..


Saw this yesterday. I agree there was no chemistry between the actors. I you did not know the story and the music, some of the story would be lost on you because of the constant switch between English and Spanish. We found that to be a distraction. And then there was the scene when Tony and Maria are supposed to sing "Theres a Place for Us" and some little kid comes out and sings. I am assuming he is supposed to be "their future child" - Im sure it was supposed to be artsy - but it was just really lame. The music and orchestra were great. If youre bilingual you might like it.

Saw it once, won't go back

After all the hype and personal anticipation, I was disappointed. I brought my friend for her 1st Broadway show & I regret doing so. Too much theatrical violence. I really didnt like that part. I was a little upset over the attempted rape scene. Not my form of entertainment. The highlights were the performances by Josefina Scaglione Maria and Yanira Marin Anita on this particular night.


I just saw it this past Wed and I liked it. The Spanish wasnt that over powering...they only sing 2 songs in Spanish and some of the dialogue before America and when Chino tells Maria about her brother are in Spanish. If you like West Side Story you should def go see this. It is not to be missed

This is not the movie

Many of you who have reviewed it so far have never seen the stage show...it is different from the movie. In the stage show Krupky is after Riff diesalso the original lyrics were toned down for the movie and Cool is after the war council in the show, the changed it for the movie. This is not the movie. Also the shark girls sing America not the sharks. Also when it originally was on broadway it did not succeed. I actually like the idea of spanish being spoken for spanish speaking characters. It worked in Light in the Piazza to have Italians speaking Italian so why not