War Horse

2hr. 40min. (1 intermission)


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A Terrific Show for the Entire Family

The human actors in War Horse perform wonderfully but they all must take back seats to the true stars of this spectacular multi-media production, Joey and Topthorn, two larger than life equine puppets and their creators and the several different puppeteers who manipulate them on stage. For it is Joey and Topthorn who dominate this play from beginning to end - and who are the primary reason that you should make every effort to bring your whole family to see this play. The story itself is exciting, adventurous and likely to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. But it is also much more than that. It is a story of honor and deceit, of man's humanity and inhumanity to his fellow man, of children and adults, of mothers, fathers and sons, of envy and petty rivalries, of bravery and cowardice, of the horror and futility of war in sum, of everything that makes man what he is, for better or for worse. And what makes the play so remarkably expressive is that much of this is depicted through the incredible movements of those larger-than-life equine puppets on stage. I have posted an expanded review of this play and reviews of several other plays on my blog www.aseatontheaisle.blogspot.com.

Truly exciting theater

I experienced War Horse in London and was thriled to have the opportunity to experience at LCT. Superb, total theater. My only question is why is the LCT production is closing in June when in London War Horse has run for several years? LCT, please extend the run of War Horse so more non LCT members can experience this incrediable theater event. I go to a lot of theater, and this War Horse is in my top 5 for total theater that moves you, makes you think, and makes you a better person.

Gallop on over to Lincoln Center Immediately

I cannot praise the total production of War Horse enough. I had heard so many positive things about it from those who saw it in London, and I was not disappointed. I do agree though with the party who claimed that the accents between the French and German became rather muddled and did take away some of the emotion of the scene.. I felt the direction and the performances of the main leads, and the puppeteers who operated Joey, the horse, more than compensated for any minor flaws in the transition from London to the Vivian Beaumont stage. I highly recommend it to all audiences from 8-80. Toward the end even I shed a lttle tear. What more can you ask for at the theatre?

Why are people posting reviews of the London show here? NY did not live up to London production!

The London show is 5 stars, bar none. But this space is for reviews of the NYC production which is not the same show at all. Instead of authentic British accents and the spellbinding voice of the songman, we instead get sometimes unconvincing accents and a broadway-esque sounding songman with none of the character to his voice as the original. There was far less focus on the horses and my favorite, the goose, memorable scenes which were so powerful in the London original to bring me to tears were clipped and emotionless. Why on earth did they replace the wonderful scenes which were completely in german and french with 100% english, albeit in a laughable Hogan Heros type accent. It seemed like so much emphasis was placed on the literal story that the somewhere along the way the magic was lost. That said, the puppetry was still amazing and worth seeing, and certain actors were just as good as the original-- the boy Albert, his father and mother and the captain were favorites.

Looking forward to this

Saw the production in London... it was pretty spectacular! The performances seems slightly tired, so it will be nice to see new life breathed into in!

War horse

I had the opportunity to see this show in London. I have waited, with great anticipation and excitement for it to come to Broadway so I have the chance to see it again. It is Fantastic!!! Linda Lewis

War Horse

I had seen this in London and have waited with great excitement to have the opportunity to see it again. It is fantastic!!! Linda Lewis

War Horse Wow!

Ive seen it three times in the past few years in london. Ive taken students to see it and we all agree it is the best new play in a long, long time, and for so many reasons. I am sure it is going to do as well in New York as it has done, and is still doing in London. Cheers1

theatre teacher

War Horse is a lovely marriage of exquisite puppetry and good acting. My husband and I tried unsuccessfully to get tickets on two trips to London, and finally in March, were able to get tickets. Dont miss this outstanding production. So happy that it came to NYC.

theatre teacher

War Horse is a lovely marriage of exquisite puppetry and good acting. My husband and I tried unsuccessfully to get tickets on two trips to London, and finally in March, were able to get tickets. Dont miss this outstanding show. So happy that it came to NYC.

RE:theatre teacher

My husband and I tried two different trips to London to get tickets for War Horse while it was at the National. Finally, this year we were able to get tickets at New London Theatre. WOW! A marvelous marriage of creative puppertry and good acting. So glad that its in NYC.