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1hr. 30min.
Opened Jul 17, 2008
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[title of show] kicks off the new Broadway season. This original American musical about the making of an original musical is written by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell and directed by Michael Berresse. [title of show] on Broadway will star the musical's original cast -- Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff and musical director Larry Pressgrove. [title of show] takes a thoroughly unique and comical look at the pleasures and perils of the artistic process as two struggling writers and two struggling actresses take on the seemingly impossible task of creating a new musical about creating a new musical. Now with Broadway as their destination, the quartet's saga continues anew as they face mounting pressures and deadlines, and are nearly thrown off-track by disagreements, day jobs and insecurities in this funny and unforgettable look at the birth of a musical as it finally comes to life on the Great White Way.

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[title of show] to Close on Broadway on October 12 - Sep 19, 2008

[title of show] Cast to Appear at Borders on July 31 - Jul 22, 2008

[title] characters - Jul 18, 2008

[title of show] - Jul 17, 2008

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