The Scottsboro Boys



Great Scotts

Recently I saw the musical The Scottsboro Boys last night. I was amazed at how it made me feel. I was never so touched and moved by a musical before. They examined a horrible racist moment in US history and the justice system. I felt for all 9 of the men/boys who?s lives were destroyed. The Minstrel show was just a plot device. Kander, Ebb, the director and actors did a great job. People need to see it before they condemn it.

we did stay to the end...

Some great moments, but overall very bland. Could have been more dark and edgy, didnt flesh out the boys or the womens characters sufficiently. The major highlight was the number with the electric chair, very well done. Would not recommend to anyone I know.

Scottsboro Boys

Saw Scottsboro Boys last night. BRILLIANT...absoultely one of the most striking, original, thought-provoking musicals I have ever seen. It deserves multiple Tony nominations and as far as Im concerned, the Pulitzer Prize. It was utterly magnetic from the beginning. Performances, choregoraphy, direction, score. I have never seen anything like it and doubt that I ever will again. And it shares some history that is too little realized by the young people of today....what racism did to people and I would show it to the youth of today so they understand something of what went on in this country. It is a moving vital piece of theater.

Must See Theater!

This show is not to be missed... There are too many reasons to see this show and not one compelling reason not to see it. Agree 100% with the positive reviews already listed. But, this show will close if the Theater going public does not keep it open till Tony time. It will certainly win at least one Tony, as the talent is first rate, and the production reminds us of how good theater doesnt need to be over-produced to work. House was not even remotely full, and the subject matter and cast will likely keep this show from having much of a National tour life... I mean the 11 guys, plus 2 are pure talent. Stop reading these reviews and get your tickets NOW!!! lol


I was very disappointed with this show. Because of the history of the great story, which many of us learned in School, I felt the The Minstrel Tradition could have been left out and had more drama. Singing and Actors were GREAT!


This is probably the best home grown American musical to arrive in almost two years.Not a masterpeice perhaps,but it is a very brave show that gets its point across with a fine sense of theatre and if the score is not Kander and Ebbs best, it is vastly superior to most peoples best.Masterfully staged and acted, this is worth the attention of any serious fan of musical theatre,and it is a fitting tribute to one of the finest song writing teams of the last 40 years.

RE:A Don't Miss Musical

This is the best show Kander and Ebb did since Spider Woman... You will not be disappointed if you are a musical theatre lover. Strong book, innovative staging, and an ensemble cast to die for..not one can be singled out..all excellent...should win a Tony for Best Ensemble Cast.