The Royal Family

2hr. 45min. (2 intermission)
Opened Oct 8, 2009
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First Rate Revival

In 1927 when this play was written, radio and television werent invented, and the talkies were about to happen. People got entertainment from plays, and THE ROYAL FAMILY certainly delivered in that deparatment. This new revival features first rate performances from Rosemary Harris, Jan Maxwell, Reg Rogers and John Glover. Its beautiful to look at, listen to and experience. Dont miss it!

RE:Theater lovers should not miss this one!

This is one show that theater lovers should not miss. The play sets around a family of actors and have many hidden references that only a true theater going would understand. Although a slow start, once the setting and plot were place, it moved quickly and was very entertaining. The show was full of great actors and you never know what to expect. It was different from your average play, but different in a good way.