The Realistic Joneses

1hr. 30min.
Opened Apr 6, 2014



Ugh. I dont know who thought this was worthy of a Broadway run and worth the cost of a Broadway show, but idiot comes to mind. This is nothing more than a bad, barely any laughs, long poorly thought out SNL skit. Meaningless. Pointless. No story. The author has nothing to say. What's the point? In 90 minutes I laughed slightly for a few seconds twice. Its not funny. Its not memorable and its not worth the time or the money. Especially when you can spend it on real play the likes of "Cripple of Innishmann" or "Casa Valentina" or "Mother's and Sons" or "Velocity of Autumn". If you want to see a Broadway Play, go to one of those. If you're high on acid or marijuana, you may find this silly drivel funny.

Bizarre, Funny, And Just Plain Well Done............

As one critic aptly put it, Will Eno is Samuel Beckett for the John Stewart Generation. Both profound and "meaningless"...........the play isn't for everyone as it ponders what draws people together, life, death, meaning, et al. But it sure is funny............and all four actors are golden. Not an easy play to do, and all involved nail it................well done...............