The Phantom of the Opera

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


The Best Musical of Our Ages

The Phantom of the Opera has dazzled audiences for ages. With it's beautiful score, impressive cast, and amazing scenery there is nothing that will outlive the masterpiece.

Phantom of the Opera

I have seen this play numerous times and I still love it the most. You must see Phantom. It is the longest running play on Bway...You will not be disappointed.

It's Phantom

The Staging is good, the performers are great and of course everyone knows the music. If you dont, well listen to Puccini. Its a well known show with a storyline that is based on the Gaston Leroux book with some plot tweaks here and there. If youve never seen it, you must go. You will enjoy it. If you have a chance to see it again, do it. Then go see something else.

Phantom of The Opera

This is a classic play. I have seen it 4 times. Each time I love it more.

Love this show

I was amazed the first time. took my kids the second time they LOVED it. This show does not disappoint.


I saw the show for the 4th time just this past week and I have to say that Huge Panaro was fantastic. Listening to him was just like as if you were listening to your CD at home. The cast was so great. The quality was that like no other. How the directer find these actors is beyond me but thank you for great scouts and people who know what there doing

Still one of the best musicals on Broadway!

I saw it on previews many, many, many years ago. I have seen at least 15 times. Without a doubt, its a magical and moving experience ever single time-- no matter who is in the cast. I never get tired of seeing this show!

The Phantom lives

I saw this show again after my first visit, 20 year ago and I know why it is the longest running show in Broadway history. When Christine came back and said goodbye to Eric during the final scene, well that made the whole show. Now Im am anxiously awaiting for "Love Never Dies" to open on Broadway. Cant wait!!!

Absolutely Amazing!

My mother and father saw this before they went on their honeymoon. They absolutely loved it! And my mother chose to take me a few years ago. I LOVED it! Absolutely amazing! Now Im taking my boyfriend to see it. It is such an amazing show. Definitely the best show on Broadway.

Phantom of the Opera

This musical has been running for so long, I cant believe there is anyone in the U.S. or Europe who has NOT seen it. If you are one of those stragglers who has missed this beautiful time in the theater......then run and get tickets. This is probably the best musical that Andrew Lloyd Webber has ever put together.....beautiful music, the plot pushes all the right buttons, great acting, fabulous sets and costumes and flawless direction. Webber will never write a show as stunning as this one, again......he said this himself and we agree. This is a theater experience that should not be missed.


this show will leave you in awe, no matter how may times you see it. i saw it teice and plan on seeing it again soon. There is definetly a reason for it being the longest running show on Broadway.


Loved the show! So cool! The whole raising of the chandelier is so cool! And yay for some of the cheapest seats on broadway! I have seent he show so may times because its affordable!


podia informarme alguien si este musical esta en Agosto tambien.Nosotros viajamos a New york para esas fechas.Gracias

The Best Show on Broadway

Ive seen the show three times and its tremendous everytime. Great costumes, story & music. Still the best show on Broadway.

great show .

the first time i read about this show when i was 12 since then i had a dream to watch it live . what a great show unbelievable touching performance very colorful scenes and the music is beyond belief .i do not think any other show will ever exceed Phantom .phantom i love you.


By far the best show on Broadway and I have seen most. Everything about it is breathtaking.

Greatest Show of ALL TIME

For almost 15 years, since I was 12 ,I have seen this show over 30 times. The touching love story and beuatiful music will stay with you forever. Its the most popular musical worldwide for a reason.

Disintegrating Production

The show is showing its age, the cast does not come close to the original and seems to be going through the motions The director needs to come back, clean house bit and re-rehearse. A shadow of what it once was. Tired





Sink into the Music of the Night

Hauntingly beautiful, this is Broadways masterpiece. The music of Andrew Lloyd Webber grabs you and lures you into the dark and tortured world of the Phantom. There is and never will be anything like it. Recommendation: See the Phantom before he disappears forever into the night.

Its like a dream Came true

I liked the movie, and loved the play!! this is a MUST-SEE Broadway show!!!

If you only see one show....

This HAS to be the one!! Was worried when it was announced there would be two understudies performing. I fail to see how the original cast members could improve on the performance given. Front Mezzanine-wonderful view!


The Phantom of the Opera is the greatest show in broadway history. I love it! It book is great to... you should read it! This is the most intense show ever and the music is insane! If you live without seeing it... DONT LIVE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST SEE!!!!!!!

Amazing Show

The music is spectacular, the cast is great, the costumes and scenery are amazing... the show is incredible overall. A must see.




Breathtaking performance from teh cast members. The talented singers were impeccable and enchanting. Loved every minute of it!