The Norman Conquests



Hilarious Helium High

We saw the middle show of Alan AyckbournsThe Norman Conquests yesterday, Living Together, and it was absolutely hysterical. This is a superbly acted play performed by veteran English stage actors from the world renowned Old Vic Theater. Their comic timing was incredible. If you are planning to be in the New York City area between now and the end of July I urge you to get tickets for any and all of the plays in this trilogy. We saw the play on a day when the entire trio is performed and there were a few times when the audience guffawed at things that sailed over our heads, references no doubt from the initial play Table Manners. I am returning to the box office tomorrow to purchase tickets for the other two pieces that bookend this blissful, happy, madcap production. The Norman Conquests will delight you, tickle your funny bone and ignites more laugh out loud moments than I have encountered at live theater lately. I am still grinning from the helium high of this giggle inducing farce. Dont miss it!