The Normal Heart



Best play I've ever seen

This is without a doubt the best play I have ever seen in my entire life. It was emotionally riveting, with comedic moments, and just plain wonderful. Not only a good night at the theater, but also delivering an extremely important message. Warning: This play will motivate you to be a part of something important.



What an amazingly gut-wrenching, superbly acted, superbly written, phenomenal show. Im so happy that I bought tickets and that i did not miss out on it. I actually was leaning forward in my seat, captivated by the performances. I cried buckets of tears-not just because the actors were amazing they were but because the audience was also made up of people who had LIVED what was happening on stage. You could hear the tears, feel the emotion and the community in the theater. This play IS important. The AIDS crisis has not abated and in 2011 nearly 30 years from the beginning of the play, "gay politics" have not advanced anywhere near where they should have. There is also laughter-some excellent humor here among all the dark truths. All I can say is, SEE IT you will not be disappointed.


I loved it in1985 it is still heartbreakingly powerful in this first Broadway showing. Acted, directed and designed to perfection this play is as timly as ever. This is a whale of an evening. Go see it.