The Nance

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)



Nathan Lane once again shows why he is a gem in the American theater. Lane portrays Chauncey Miles who is a Nance (an effeminate character) in the New York burlesque shows of the 1930s. The conflict is that Chauncey is a gay man in real life. He meets a younger man played (rather stiffly) by Jonny Orsini and begins a clandestine relationship with him. They have to carry out their romance secretly and away from the ever present ugly curtain of homophobia. Thus begins this bittersweet and highly entertaining play. The burlesque skits and jokes are extremely corny but cute and will keep you chuckling throughout the show. The bias outlook on gay people however will (or should) bring tears to your eyes. A particular nod goes to Lewis J. Stadler who plays Efram, a member of the burlesque cast who nails his role perfectly. This play, intelligently written by Douglas Carter Beane, gives some insight what our gay brothers and sisters had (have?) to go through in their pursuit of happiness which is supposed to be a guaranteed right in this country. All in all this is a delightful show which will tug at your emotions and make you think about our right of liberty for all.