The Motherf**ker with the Hat

1hr. 35min.


Excellent Acting Can't Save Misdirected Production

The performers in "The Mother***With the Hat, are all excellent, with stand-out Tony nominated performances by Bobby Cannavale and Yul Vasquez. The play, however, was totally misdirected. There is probably only one scene in the whole play, between Mssrs. Cannavale and Vasquez that rings true. Everything, as well as the able cast is directed to play their roles as out-and-out vulgar, boistrous stereotypes, not very funny ,since youre dealing with totally damaged people. I know that the material is often bleak and unrelenting, but must every line and action be delivered in order to get a laugh? I would like to see this play done under another directors aegis one day, since it did have a good story line, dealing with contemporary subjects.

An Unnecessary Headache

I was roped into this by the "rave" mainstream reviews, and the interesting cast. Twenty minutes into the show I was glad Id bought the cheapest ticket! I suppose if your life has been vanilla,and you crave time spent with mostly loud,profane addict types youll get something out of this. I found it mostly humorless, and totally unenlightening. In summary: I was NOT remotely entertained here.Sorry!


A well-written and aptly acted slice-of-life comedy/drama well worth the price of admission. Bobby Cannavales performance deserves a standing ovation, as does the equally impressive Elizabeth Rodriguez. Yul Vazquez is a delightful presence on stage, giving his character dimensions untrained actors might well miss. Annabella Sciorra is perfectly cast as Victoria and Chris Rock successfully navigates the transition from stand-up comedy to the Broadway stage. I agree with the other reviewers opinion about the fight scene, but Ive seen worse think revivals: West Side Story and it can be easily rectified without consequence to the plays conclusion. The language is coarse, so if youre offended by the title dont even attempt the show. Unfortunately, youll miss a true theatrical gem.