The Importance of Being Earnest

2hr. 20min. (2 intermission)


a treasure!

It was so great to see this classic on the Broadway stage! It is the mother of modern comedy!


This is an absolutly enchanting production that makes this 1895 comedy of manners seem as fresh as a daisy. Wonderfully staged and stunningly designed and beautifully acted, this is a pleasure to see and hear. Very much worth seeing.

The laughter of being earnest

tremendous acting, production, physicality and sound... brings the dear mr. wilde up to date, while retaining all the period whimsy! You will truly enjoy this and parents should take their kids - seriously.

RE:the importance of being earnest

FABULOUS! Ive seen this play so many times, including starring as Lady Bracknell in High School. didnt think I could be wowed! It was so brilliant and nuanced and witty. the whole audience was in uproarious laughter throughout. bring on intelligent entertianment!