The Cripple of Inishmaan

2hr. (1 intermission)


a VERY entraining Sat afternoon! LOVED IT!!

My partner and I are avid theatergoers. We head to Broadway from Madison, WI 2- 3 times per year and catch 4-5 shows each time. We always take in the big shows at the moment. This time we saw Hedwig, MACBETH at the Armory, Cabaret, and took in the matinee of CRIPPLE on Sat 6/14. We could not have enjoyed a show more. First, we love Martin McDonagh's work, having see The Pillowman, Lieutenant of Inishmore, In Breuges and his Oscar nominated short. This show is so well cast and acted. Small cast, and every single person on the stage SHINES! It is no wonder that there were several Tony nominations for acting(Radcliffe should have been nominated. He was so believable at the Cripple). Of course, Mr McDonagh's work is always a Very dark comedy. I find this very entertaining. And it is also quite touching. Time Out NY gave this show a bad review. They basically wrote it off as useless theater. I don't get it. A Great Cast acting their butts off and a playwright who has won an Oscar and many,many awards for his writing, and directed by award winning Michael Grandage. This is A-1 theater. Are there dancing bears or Disney Genies from a bottle? No. But this will entertain someone who loves the theater for the writing, acting and the way the show makes you feel. I highly recommend this show. My partner and I only wish we had the time off and the $$ to fly back out and see it again.....(along with HEDWIG!!) :-)


This play should get the Tony. I dont think it will because the Playwright is nominated every time he has a show on Broadway and is always beat by a lesser work. Cripple is the best play I've seen in years. McDonagh is a superior writer and storyteller. The show is tragic, funny, insightful, charming, silly, crazy, moving, and very entertaining. You should make every effort to see this play while its on! Danial Radcliffe is amazing. The entire cast is amazing. Every single actor in this show gives a professional and memorable performance. They bring to life a bunch of lively colorful characters and interact with such wit and perfect comic timing that you love them all, and that includes the ones you dont actual love. The set & staging is also great. 3 different sets on the spinning circle, each perfect for the story, and perfect for keeping the play moving. I'm giving the show 5 stars. I see most of the shows on Broadway, on discount tickets, and alot of the time, I'm glad I didnt pay full price. Few shows are worth the expensive ticket prices. This show is worth it. I've already bought another ticket to see it again. :)