The Bridges of Madison County

2hr. 40min. (1 intermission)


Fabulous show - definitely go see it!

I am so sorry to see that Bridges of Madison County is closing soon! I saw this in preview, and loved it! It is the most interesting writing, for a musical, since Light in the Piazza, that both the leads in this show were featured in. Great direction! Wonderful singing, and acting, and you should really make an effort to see this great production, before it closes. Bravi tutti quanti! Congrats to the cast, the orchestra, and the directors!

Beautiful Bridges Over Troubled Waters ... with Romance

This musical is a must-see. The performances are captivating and the score by Jason Robert Brown is ravishing - lush and romantic. Kelli O'Hara and Steven Pasquale have great chemistry. Don't miss it!

"The Bridges Of Madison County" REVIEW

I viewed the "The Bridges Of Madison County", in previews a few weeks ago. Great seats Row J Orch Center. I took my mother because she enjoyed book and film. Kelli O Hara is a song bird and has the greatest operatic/Broadway voice. However, many of the songs sounded similar. "ONCE" is playing next door and I thought I might have ran in to the wrong theatre. Lol Pasquale has a very nice singing voice but is stiff and I was not feeling much chemistry between the two Broadway stars. I enjoy plenty of scenery, this show is bare bones. the Bridge itself consist mainly of cheesy wooden Arches bought to the stage by fellow cast mates. Not one song is memorable, The song in the commercial running on Cable is actually the best one. Kinda strange when a commercial for a Broadway Production is shown being recorded in a Studio (cast album) ? Kill two birds with one stone or there is nothing from the actual show worth revealing to the Cable audience. "The Bridges Of Madison County" is very loosely based on the original source material . If you are a fan of the novel and Motion picture it's worth a look-see , only if you receive discounted or Free tickets. The prices for this show are very high !!!!!!!! Not put into Costumes, scenery or Orchestra ??????

Bridges of Madison County

Saw this in previews. Francesca's accent is definitely NOT Italian....sounds like an Irish brogue to me. Italians don't pronounce the initial "h" sound in words, for example (no h sound in their alphabet) (I'm Italian-American) What's up with Robert's line, "The Italians are the laziest people on earth"? Doesn't advance the plot; seems out of left field. Constant changes of sets with walk-on actors is distracting. Don't feel the chemistry of the two mains--Pasquale is too wooden.