The Anarchist

1hr. 10min.


I Want My Money Back

Ditto to everything that is said below. I've been going to Broadway Shows for four decades and have never seen such a waste of time. The production would be poor even if it was a high school production. It's simply the worst I've ever seen. I felt robbed because I was lured into buying tickets because of the stars. They were awful, with no sense of timing. DO NOT BOTHER.

Anarchist is GARBAGE

UGH!!!! Garbage. First off, the show is 75 minutes - Not 90 as advertised. I'm personally grateful for that fact although it would've been better and a lot less painful had it been 15 minutes. The worst show I've ever seen (I've seen over 1000 shows too) and not even close to being fit to be called a Broadway show. Do not waste your time or money on this bomb. Mamet's writing is nothing more than big ego pontificating to hear itself blah blah blah. This work should have been an essay, not a play. I felt so sorry for Ms LuPone and Ms Winger, trapped in hell for 75 minutes. The story is boring, very very very very hard not to fall asleep. Boring, nothing happens, uninteresting characters. And on top of it, miscast. Winger should have been the Anarchist and LuPone should have been the lawyer. Would've at least been more believable. I can't say enough negative things about this show. I had a deeply discounted ticket and still want my money back! Gave the show one star because I could not give it what it deserves, which is No Stars. The best thing about this show is the Golden theatre is a nice theatre! Unfortunately that, nor the two wasted remarkable actors in this show cannot save it from what will be a miserable death. It belongs in the garbage.

The Anarchist

Patti LuPone is the only thing about this disaster that offers any redemption. Direction, Scenery, Costumes were all mangled beyond repair. The idea of the play was interesting. The execution (except for Patti LuPone) was incoherent. Debra Winger was simply not there. It makes you wonder if she can act at all or if the wooden direction was so bad that she had no chance of success from the start. Most likely she was terribly miscast. The Anarchist on the opening preview performance was the biggest mess I've seen since the Spiderman Turn off the Dark previews.

The worst show I have seen in many, many years

I never write reviews but I felt that, in a world where broadway plays have gotten so expensive, I had to say something. I am trying to remember a play as bad as this one. It is a play about ideas, not actors, where the ideas are not very good or interesting and the actors are barely, barely passable (at least lupone is). I expected so much and got so little. Please pass this along and go and see anything else.