Stick Fly

2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


So good i didn't want it to end

I took three of my girlfriends on Sunday and today is Tuesday and we are still talking about it and how much we enjoyed it. I hope it gets extended so i can take my daughter to see it for her birthday in March! Yes i would see it again.

Found it engrossing

While certainly not a perfect play, I enjoyed it. Went with 21 year old son, and he did as well. Both of us found resonance in the themes, even though we're white, but class, father issues, acceptance, that crosses all races. Condola Rashad blew me away with her performance and there was no one there who was weak. Maybe a little too much music as it slowed down changes, but overall, very worth seeing. Perhaps the other reviewer just attended an off night? Or maybe just a matter of taste. People around us in the audience seemed to enjoy very much, judging by the reaction. Loved the set, as well. Glad I got introduced to this playwright and the work. Thinking about adding it to classes when I teach.


Stick Fly would have been a pleasing amateur production and I could have overlooked its shortcomings. If I was told that this was not a professional production I would have believed it. From my viewing of the show, the acting was at best uneven. There were two actors with the stage presence to play their roles who didn't seem like they were merely reading their lines. They would be Rosie Benton as Kimby and Santiago-Hudson as Joe the father. Mekhi Phifer had the charisma to play the role of Flip because itâ