Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Dreadfully Boring...

Seriously, it's a shame that this terrible musical is even on Broadway... Anything to make money! Don't even think of seeing this junk.

Bravo to the new creative team!

I first saw the show on Feb 1st. It was disappointing and I wrote about it using this forum. I am delighted to say that the revised show is wonderful! The new songs are terrific. The sound design is markedly improved. The "geek" chorus is gone and the story is now easy to follow. I brought along three children and three adults - everyone was satisfied. I couldnt be happier for everyone involved. SPIDEY RULES....

Spider-Man: Turn off the dark

Worst Show I ever saw. Was falling asleep. I felt like I was at a low budget play. They should be ashamed for the price of the tickets they are charging. The music was terrible.

Review of New Version

Just saw preview. Not bad Aerial Work stunning 2nd act book makes sense

Peter Parker - 1970's Rock Star!

This is a wonderful show for kids and young adults. The stage is pure art with creative beautiful buildings that open up before your eyes, as if an Ayn Rand novel has sprung to life. Reeve Carney is terrific as spiderman and fills the theater with his voice and presence. Its a campy over the top production that is a kitchen soup of New York cool, a homage to a 1970s New York city, black and white 1930s crime films mixed in with a greek chorus that is pure gen X. The music is signature Bono and it is despite the negative reviews very good and keeps you singing far after the show is over even if you cant quite remember any of the words! This production has moments of brilliance, moments of silliness, and it is perhaps too long but overall it is a terrific experience for all who see it as long as you are not expecting Lion King or Merchant of Venice, its neither . Go with the kids and ignore the reviews. Its a comic book exploding on stage! DLisa from the upper westside

Blown Away

I went expecting very little and was blown away by the theatrics of it all. Ive seen close to 100 shows in 35+ years, and few can top the entertainment this show puts forth. The sets, lighting, costumes, production was extraordinary. To conceive the spectacle of this show and then transform it to the stage speaks so much for live theater. People who are ripping this show, in my opinion, are unappreciative of modern art, technology and change. If I had to say one thing bad about this show, it would be the music. However, upon seeing it a second time Yes! I loved it so much, I saw it twice, some of the songs were actually catchy. I hope the powers that be dont change this production too much. The flying scenes, which are plentiful not 2 1/2 minutes! are definitely breathtaking and dangerous. Unless the precision is perfected, somehow, I can not see this show running too long without incident after incident. GO SEE THIS SHOW! Dont listen to the naysayers ;

worst show i've ever seen on Broadway

I went in with such HIGH hopes!! Julie Taymore, Bono and The Edge should be a dream team, and this show should have been the best one ever on Broadway... WRONG! The songs are terrible. The storyline is awful. It should never open! The only saving grace is the Green Goblin... the actor in this role pays his part really well. The scenery and special effects are definitely cool, but its not worth wasting the money you pay to see two minutes of flying.

It's Really as Bad as They Say It Is

I took my 5 yr. old last Sunday, and I recommend taking small children. There were tons of toddlers, kids and tweens in the audience, and they all seemed to enjoy the show. If youre over 10 yrs. old, youll quickly figure out that the show is REALLY BAD. From cheap, cheesy looking scenery, to an Arachne who cant sing, music that isnt memorable and characters you dont care about, its amazing how bad a product this team of talent produced. The flying takes up 5 mins. of the 2 1/2 hrs., and its not all that thrilling. The best scene is the first and the one with the Chrysler bldg. Spiderman looks like hes in an amateur rehearsal when hes bouncing off the walls of his "room" with a huge black harness around his waist and the stage hands pushing the walls in.

1 Feb 2011 preview....

There is a gem inside the over-conceived Spiderman. Taymor wants to show us where she spent all those millions, but it wasnt working the evening I attended. Interestingly enough, the sound quality was disappointingly poor, but I digress. The storytelling is bogged down by an unnecessary "Greek chorus". It didnt clarify, it only confused. Although there are some visually stunning moments, the momentum isnt maintained. The ebbs and flows are noticeable and as a result the arc of the story is lost. Taymor must carve away the excess to uncover the precious show she so wants to share with the world.

1 Feb 2011 preview....

There is a gem inside the over-conceived Spiderman. Editing is key. Taymor wants to show us where she spent all those millions but it wasnt working the evening I attended. Interestingly enough, the sound quality was disappointingly poor. The story is bogged down by an unnecessary "Greek chorus" voice overs in film are considered a crutch. Although there are some visually stunning moments, the momentum isnt maintained. The ebbs and flows are noticeable and as a result he arc of the story is lost. Taymor must carve away the excess to uncover the precious show she so wants to share with the world.

Thursday 2/17

Broadway plays really have to start with a halfway decent story, some memorable songs, decent actors, a great voice or two. Spiderman has none of the above. Some of the sets Chrysler Building and acrobatics were great but they dont make for good theater; just somthing you stare at like a train wreck.

Seen on Feb 10th

The first act about 2/3s of this show is beyond anything I ever seen - dont miss this. The remaining 1/3 seems less exciting but I think thats because of what preceeds it. It not a musical only but rather a motion/ action/ adventure show with music. The sets are awesume.


The first act about 2/3s of this show is beyond anything I ever seen - dont miss this. The remaining 1/3 seems less exciting but I think thats because of what preceeds it. It not a musical but rather a motion/ action/ adventure play with music. The sets are awesume.


I loved Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and definitely plan on returning after March 15 when the show officially opens. Sure, there are still issues to work out, but what I saw on the Foxwood stage was more exciting and daring that most Broadway musicals, and I am a serious theater goer. Hubris is the issue here. Julie Taymor, like her character Arachne, has angered the Gods. Me, I think striving for greatness take a lot of courage. I highly recommend seeing Spider-Man and arriving at the theater with an open mind. I give Spider-Man 5 stars!

Sunday 1/30/11 matinee

I had purchased my tickets early, for well after the opening date of Jan. 11. I was upset when I heard the opening was delayed until Feb., then March! That put me in the middle of previews, then with all the bad press and some of the comments posted I wasnt sure what I was going to see. WELL, dont believe any of it. This show was AWESOME!! The music and story were great, the performances from the ENTIRE CAST was fantastic!! The staging and aerial effects were the best Ive ever seen. I cannot recommend this show enough, they have made some improvements and continue to do so, so Im sure it will only get better. I may have to go again after the opening to see the finished product!!

On Par with King Lear Part II

that there is no magical place of peace we can uncover, discover and inhabit without the price of constant appraisal and reappraisal of the ideas of who we are and what we stand for. It is a life-changing, epoch-shifting, thought-transforming work of the highest magnitude. This play is nothing short of a great masterpiece! If you do not see these things when you see this play, look again, you may just be missing one of the most important messages you will receive before you die. All the best, Al Lemerande Jr., M.D.

On Par with King Lear

Ignore the critics! Spider Man, Turn off the Dark may perhaps be the greatest play of the 20th century, indeed of the modern era. This is a play on par with King Lear. In an age of confusion and lack of understanding, when the line between duty and personal longing is blurred by confusing images in the media, the church, the government, parents and even misinterpreted signals from the past, a play emerges that questions conscience, longing, belonging and meaning in a world that is just starting to reawaken to such ideas after two generations in which they have been lost. Turn off the Dark is a signal for reemergence, a play the sends messages from another world, from ghosts of the ancients who are either good or evil based on how we set ourselves to understand them. It challenges us to awaken in ourselves the spirit of what we are and what we are capable of becoming. It pushes us to understand that all of existence is a dynamic undertaking, End of Part 1


My husband and I were lucky enough to have the orchestra seats on the aisle right where Spiderman and The Green Goblin drop in,,, thrilling to say the least. We love musical theater and this show was more than anything expected. Even though we are veteran theater goers, my husband unfortunately thought that the music was canned except for the lead and bass guitars.... I had noticed the conductor in the video feed behind us, so was able to appreciate the live music. The two guitars on the stage was interesting, but maybe caused a bad impression about the music, and seemed more awkward overall than anything. Maybe for a rock vibe, they could put more instruments in the wing seats.../? We loved the sets, and the very creative comic book feel. As a musical, it is very cool! The dancers, singers, cast and crew did a great job, and we saw preview #5... so, Im sure its getting better and better still!

So So

I was at the same show knf16 was at. Reeve Carney did not act in the show. Spiderman was played by the understudy, so probably should have known that....Any way, kids will love it, but the story is too weak to salvage it.

Spiderman: Turn Off My Memory

NOTE: I usually post on NYT - but they are not accepting user reviews for this show - so some of the $65 million must have gone to the Times to disable that option. It begins with an announcement from a techie about the dangers of the show, that the safety of the cast and audience is most important and that the show may stop at any time if there is a problem. The opening is odd and out of context it starts with the end or what appears to be the end ? it is hard to tell ,as we see MJ dropped to her death 3 times during the show. The next scene is spectacular ? beautiful, interesting, fascinating with a pretty good song Arachne weaving. Then it starts to unravel. There is little book, the music is dreadful ? some songs seem endless and nearly all fail to further the story. Only Arachne?s songs are well written and meaningful. The audience of 1,900 or so seemed to agree as there was little few applause at the end of any number. The direction is typical of Taymor; inventive to start, very cerebral in parts, juvenile in others and filled with way too many puppets. The constant use digital animation and black light tricks gives the whole thing a theme park ride feel. In fact, it feels like an extended version of the Spiderman ride at Universal. The set is so busy, that at times, it upstages the dialogue and songs the scene of Peter and MJ walking home from school has a mind numbing flip book of houses that never stops moving. The large cutouts are also used too many times. Costumes are interesting, but for $65,000,000, I would hope that in Peter?s dream sequence they could make a rip away tuxedo that actually fits over the costume underneath. The flying sequences are quite exciting until... The show came to a grinding halt about 5 minutes from the end of Act I. The green goblin was stuck over the center orchestra for about 5 minutes, and it was explained to the audience that the computer has an automatic shutdown system if it senses that something is out of place. The finally got the green goblin down, lowered the house lights and started the next scene. Overall Act I was ok as is, but needed some trimming and new music. The second act was terrible ? I can?t explain what is wrong with it ? it is a combination of bad music, bad acting/singing and no coherent book. T.V. Carpio as the new Arachne is wonderful. Jennifer Damiano is very good, although has a few costumes that look like she stole them from Next to Normal. Reeve Carney is uncharismatic and brings little to the role. The geeks are fine for what they are supposed to be, but the lines in rhyme are irritating. The funny thing is ? this show could actually work. Make Act I a little tighter, get some more songs by different composers please. Make Act II only a story about Peter?s relationship with his ?creator? Arachne. Get rid of all the other villains. Have Peter struggle between his good side love of MJ and bad side love for Arachne. Have him defeat Arachne, overcome his dark side and ride off into the sunset with MJ.

So sad, so bad,

Just saw the show on 12/27 and was disappointed that so much talent that came together to produce this show failed to create a cohesive story where I might have felt some empathy for the characters. The music failed to convey any emotional meaning to the story line and although it was visually stunning at times the show lacked HEART! Apparently there were a lot of confused egos flying around that stage since the show lacked focus. Pity, so much potential, so much hype, so much money, so LITTLE creativity.

a benchmark flying acrobatic stage production

i agree with most of the previous posts about the show except for one thing...i want everyone to pay $160.00 a seat as i did and sit in the balcony for nearly 3 hours to see this show

Spiderman Turn Off The Dark - turned off

I would have to give Spiderman - Turn off the Dark 0 stars if that were an option and this is why: We had tickets for Sunday evening on December 26th. Unfortunately, a blizzard struck NYC that night and, due to a state of emergency in New Jersey where we were traveling from, it was neither safe nor reasonable for us to be on the road. NJ Transit trains had stopped running so there was no way for us to get to the show. To summarize multiple phone calls and several visits in person to the box office in the subsequent days, we were out of luck to the tune of $750.00 the cost of 5 orchestra seat tickets. My advice: do not purchase tickets to this show during the winter months.

Spider Man: A Boring Mess

Spider Man may have been one of the worst shows I have ever seen. The story could be interesting, but I can see why so many people are confused. My kids certainly had no idea what Arachne was all about. The songs, with the exception of 1, lacked much power or drama, much less a catchy melody. A few were ok, but most were just boring. I also expected the "band" to play a larger role. The two guitar players to the left of the stage could just as well been holding cardboard cut outs - they added nothing and had no connection to the audience. I really expected something like a rock concert/musical. The show was neither. I dont see many shows, but Tommy or Passing Strange come to mind. Those shows rocked. The vocals overpowered the instruments - and for the most part MJ had a nice voice, the vocals were marginal to poor. I also expected to see Reeve Carney as Spiderman, but got the back-up. I have seen Reeve Carney perform with his band, and really paid my money to see him. No announcement about the switch before the show started. Now for the special effects. Yes, they were very cool, but the show crossed the line from Broadway musical to circus performance. I cant see how the stunt people will be able to land their stunts successfully every night. I cringed watching the performers try and make landings without getting tangled or getting hurt. Some of the sets were really very interesting, but many just looked like props from a high school production blow up dolls and plastic Spider men!. I understand that a certain comic book look was the desired effect, but I think this was another big miss. The acting was also cringe-worthy.

Spiderman - Turn It Off Please

The show is simply no good and even worse, SPIDERMAN: TURN OFF THE DARK is just boring. Despite the arrogant overblown settings and the 60 or so seconds of flying in the first act, it?s simply very dull storytelling. The characters are not interestingly written or performed. The score is simply a dull collection of songs without the ability to move the plot, or reveal character. Yes, George Tsipin has created some stunning visuals, but an evening of moving scenery doesn?t have much to say unless it supports a good story well told. SKIP IT - certainly not worth spending a dime to see. If I could rate it less then one star I would!

Great effects, but what a mess! I don't think it will last!

I see every broadway show. This one is an absolute disaster. I saw it in previews last week. They did the whole show without stopping, The special effects were great. The flying was the best Ive ever witnessed in a stage show. I had about 4 cocktails. That sums up the good. The bad: Im a huge U2 fan, and I have been for 20 years. This was the worst music Ive ever heard from Bono and Edge. So basic. Maybe one good song. The book is laughable. This whole show needs a creative rewrite before it should open. Keep the effects. Keep the stunts as long as the harnesses stay safe, and keep the actors. They were not so horrible. BUT CHANGE THE STORY. WHAT AN UNBELIEVABLE, UNINTELLIGiBLE. PIECE OF CRAP. I could have cared less about Spider Man or Mary Jane or Arachne she was a cool effect, though. Effects = 5 out of 5 Book = 1 out of 5 Music = 2 out of 5 Acting = 2 out of 5 Singing = 2 out of 5 Dancing = 3 out of 5 Did I say effects? 5 out of 5.

Turn off the SHOW!

DO NOT go see this show. MAMM MIA tourist trap is better. WICKED contrived is better. This show does not deserve the 1 star rating. MAYBE a quarter of a star for some interesting but poorly executed scenic design ideas, but thats it! Music: horrible. Script: a joke. Performances: screeching. Lighting: lacking. One of the worst broadway shows I have endured in 15 years, if not THE worst. If someone or something stinks, you give them a bath...right? Well...Bono, Julie, your tub is waiting.

Disaster -- literally

We were at tonights performance when yet another actor was injured. We gasped as one of the Spidermen jumped over the side of the set as planned and his ropeline followed him down. There was a scream, someone yelled "call 911" and the performance was put on hold for a minute until an announcement was made that it was over. As we exited, we saw and heard the ambulances. If this latest accident doesnt finally kill this show, then the awful book, music and direction will. The flying and special effects are great, but theres no show behind them. All in all, this is a disaster that should be stopped before someone gets seriously hurt.

Spider-man: Turn up the House Lights... Please!

So... last night, I went to see the ultra-hyped "Spider-man Turn Off the Dark". I expected lots of amazing effects, dazzling sets and flying Spideys - and thats exactly what I got - AND NOTHING MORE! Julie Taymors Lion King was ground-breaking - 13 years ago! - but she has lost her way since... A musical only works if there is a good story the book, good songs its a musical, after all, good direction and a good cast, etc... Heres my checklist: * Sets & Lighting: Amazing... scenic design was flawless * Music: Horrendous - although U2 may be the greatest rock/pop band to some, Bono and The Edge failed miserably. * Book: What book? The first act was a rehash of the first movie, yet unintelligible when told on stage - the second act was a disaster - I still dont understand the story line... * Cast: You could find better singers outside on 42nd Street... * Direction: Messy... Cirque du Soleil belongs in a tent - not on Broadway. Im glad I went to see it - it was certainly a spectacle - but not spectacular. Now I know why they delayed the opening until 1/11/11... they have LOTS of problems to work out - and they are not operational/flying issues... they need a new story, new music and a new director! Good luck with that... Of course this is IMHO, but this musical is one hot mess that will probably be on Broadway for decades... because at this point - its all about the effects... the flying... the oohs and aahs... the hype... and the $78M invested by... count them - 11 producers! After 3 long hours of "Spider-man Turn Off the Dark", I just couldnt wait until they turned ON the house lights... Cant wait for the reviews on 1/12!

Squish This Bug, It's Hopeless

For all the millions of dollars they spent on special effects for this show, it would have been worth spending a couple million more to buy a halfway decent book and a score that could rise above mediocre at best. Really, this is a disaster with nothing truly to like. Lets start with the basics. Bono and The Edge do not know how to write for character all the music sounds the same after a while--and its ALL boring. They have no idea how to build a musical idea and take it through from beginning to end what was the musical idea for this show? and really, the score is just not good. I might be one of the few people on the planet who is not familiar with U2. Now, after listening to this mess of a score, I hope to never hear of U2 again. Really, how did they have a career again? Okay, as bad as the score is, the book is even worse. I dont care if it didnt hew closely to the Spider-Man mythology. This is theatre, it has to make changes. But the book to this disaster is mediocre in spots, and downright foolish in others. Worse, by creating its own convention the Geek Squad telling the story as they want it told, it is essential to follow through on it until the end of the play. But noooooooo, the book just dumps the Geek Squad for no reason in the middle of Act 2 when the writers couldnt figure out how to make the idea work any more. So far as the cast is concerned, I feel sorry for the actors having to sing lousy songs and speak stupid, meaningless dialogue. I think they were almost embarassed to be up there but hey, theyre working. Now, as the the much-discussed special effects: yawn. Yes, as one post noted here, the fight over the orchestra toward the end of the seemingly endless Act 1 was interesting to watch. But the over-reliance on the special effects was a lame attempt to mask how weak the show is. Try to make the audience forget how badly this is written by flying people overhead. It doesnt work. You ultimately want to see a story on stage, and Ms. Taymor does not know how to tell a story on stage think about it: the plot to Lion King doesnt even kick in until the second act; the first act is all glitz, not substance. If you really are thinking of seeing this Titanic of a bad show a la "Not Since Carrie", please, do yourself and your wallet a big favor and see something else. Really. Even the kids in the audience fell asleep in Act 2. That tells us quite a lot right there.

Spidey Shoots His Web/Wad In First Act

I have been eagerly anticipating this show since it was first announced last year, and have followed its progress or lack of since last summer. I finally got the thrill of actually seeing it on 12/08, which I believe was the first night the aerial stunts went off without any glitches. As a superfan of U2, Broadway, and Marvels iconic heros, there was just so much here for me to like! The music was rockin, the sets and costumes artistically expressed the essence of the Pop Art "comic book" roots and the aerial stunts were breathtaking and exciting. It was unique on so many levels. The opening scene, which sets up a mythological basis for Spidermans roots, features the female chorus members swinging out to the audience on long loops of golden fabric, in which a basket-weave effect is created that is very beautiful. The writers have made a clear connection from the ethos of classic myth to the modern superhero "gods". As the first act unfolds, we are taken in and out of the story of Peter Parkers strange transformation, as obsessed over by four teenaged comic book fans, the "Geek Chorus". Actor Reeve Carney excels at playing the nerd but unfortunately has a hard time filling out the character much beyond that. We are introduced to Mary Jane played by Jennifer Damiano, who was in fine voice and hit all the notes with no problems, the popular girl-next-door whom intellectual Peter longs for, and villian-to-be Dr. Norman Osborn, whose sub-plot brings up the potential of human genetic maniputation for the benefit of the military-industrial complex. His transformation into the Green Goblin allows actor Patrick Page to ham it up to the max and he is VERY over the top. There is so much thrown at the audience in the first act, with very imaginative puppetry, one dimensional props and set pieces that seemed to have been pulled right off the pages of a comic book and the eight huge video panels which I am sure alone cost millions that flank the stage from floor to ceiling, pivot and slide. When the fully-formed Spiderman played by 10 young gymnasts/dancers made his first flight up to the mezzanine, the audience was agog. By the time he and the Green Goblin were grappling with each other as they swooped and turned over the heads of the audience, people were whooping and cheering, and there was a definate feeling of excited elation running throughout the theatre. The first act ends with the forced perspective of peering down the Chrysler building as Spiderman must save MJ from the GG, and it is one of the cheesiest moments of the whole play when they have a teeny toy Spiderman inching up a string to the "top" spire. This effect needs to be cut, as it is so rinky-dink and unnecessary, after the high of the thrilling flights over the audience, that it is laughable. Unfortunately, it seems as though they spent about 59 million dollars in the first act, but the second act comes off as though they finally remembered the budget and said "no more". There are serious problems. After all the glam and glitz of the first act, they seem to rely inordinately on the video screens; at one point, Reeve Carney is alone onstage with just the screens for what seemed like 10 minutes. There is a very confusing scene with female villian Arachne and her Spiderbabe chorus--something to do with a lot of stolen shoes--which I could not understand at all. She wreaks havoc on Manhattan with the help of six super-freaky super-villians because the "great responsibility" of "great powers" becomes too much for poor PP to bear. These villians are definately representative of the true spirit of iconic comic book bad guys, but the "Deus Ex Machina" employed to explain them away and resolve the second act is, well, lame. After the thrills of the first act, the second act was truly anticlimactic. The audience seemed unsure if more was coming--I know I was--and the lack of a "finale" is a major omission. Despite the very real flaws of the resolution of the second act, Im rating this at four stars because I still loved it. I cant wait for the cast album, and hope that Ms. Taymor and company will revamp Act II to bring it up to the level of brilliance expressed in Act I. I would have loved to see Spidey and MJ swing together a la Superman and Lois Lane, and that would be a perfect way to create an exhilerating and typically romantic Broadway moment to cap what is a very ambitious and unique work of art.

What a letdown

Went to the December 2nd performance and they still had issues where the performance was stopped, luckily this was only for about 15 minutes. Its hard to tell what this show is about as there are too many stories all going on at once with the center of them all being Spiderman. We all left disappointed as we were expecting "wonderful" for an investment of 65 million and left with trying to remember the lyrics to any one song. I have to agree this needs a through rewrite or it wont last. This is definitely one of those shows you dont want to take your kids to as theres not enough to keep their focus.

Spider-Man "Turn Off the Dark"

Just saw Spider-Man "Turn Off the Dark". I believe this was the 5th "Preview Performance. Very, very disappointing. I understand the performances have not gelled yet but that is not the only problem here. This show is in serious trouble. In any good production it is the story that is most important ask Pixar. Here the story makes no sence. This production seems to be trying to cover up the lack of a cohesive story with special effects and glitz. This production needs a total re-write. If that is not bad enough the music is painful to endure. When the lead actor sings he steps completely out of charactoer and becomes a rocker. For heavens sake people the Peter Parker we all know and love is not a rocker and if he tries know one is going to buy it. It jsut looks and sounds stupid. it seems that the lack of a good story line and horriblle direction lies at the feet of Ms. Tabor. Her success with the Lion King will be a distant memory if this disaster evere sees an opeing night without a.total re-do. When the final words are written on this production I believe Bono and many others will wish that the $65 million had gone to support his wonderful charitable causes. With a lot of additional work this production may rise to the level of "horrrible".

D. I. S. A. P. P. O. I. N. T. E. D.

THE GOOD NEWS: The set is fantastic! The Green Goblin was awesome, the only character with a personality, and he was funny. THE BAD NEWS: Oh god, replace dead fish Mary Jane immediately, she is terrible. Peter Parker singing in a Bono Ego attempt to just imitate Bono was idiotic. The singing in this show is just awful; I cannot believe with all the talent in NYC that they could not find actors that can sing amazing. Mary Jane was off key through 75% of the show. The music itself sucked, Bono...oh Bono. I always leave a show with a song in my head; this show left me completely dumbfounded. Spiderman didn?t shoot one web, it?s spiderman, how can you not shoot a web on a bad guy! The bad guys all look like Power Rangers. There is ZERO chemistry between Peter and Mary. Recasting is a must if this show is to survive over a year. For 65 million dollars, Julie needs to learn the value of other people?s money. She would NEVER have done this show if it was all of her own money. It could be a great, successful show if they recast and make replace 4 songs, and lead actors.

Needs Work

Saw show tonight first night Yes we enjoyed being part of the first night! It was very exciting! It was also a bit disappointing. The show had to be stopped 7 times. We expected it to stop a few times but after a while we were yawning. It took almost 4 hrs to get through the whole show. People were acutually yelling "This Isnt a Dress Rehearsal" which I can understand because it didnt feel as if they were ready to me. I dont mind a few stops but they still charged everyone full price over $100.00 a ticket for that which isnt very fair! The plot was a bit annoying and having the 4 teenagers tell the story of how they wanted the Spiderman story to be made it feel "cheap". On a good note, the sets were beautiful although if you are sitting on the far left or far right of the theater you cannot see the entire set and you miss out on the 3D effect they are going for which you can see if you are sitting in the middle. The flying stunts are really great and the costumes are unique. I really think this show needs work or I feel it is in a lot of trouble.

Spiderman: Turned of the Plot

Im told they spent 60 million on this show. After seeing it, I can only imagine that not much of the 60 million went into the writing of the script or that nobody was honest enough with the people in charge to honestly say to them "Hey... plot actually matters." You can have all of the costumes, special effects, flashy sets and great performances... but without a good story, none of this matters. Before I rant... I have to say; Great casting and Great performances. Rant and I VERY rarely do this: This show doesnt know what it is. Is it about Comic book characters or cartoon caricatures? Is it about Peter Parker or about four unknown, weird kids that pop up every time the crew needs to arrange the complex set behind the curtain. Is the villain the Green Goblin or the Spider lady? They spent a great deal of time developing a very entertaining villain only to kill him off quickly before the first act begins. They introduce four kids that ramble on and on about who or what they think Spiderman should be... Why? I can understand that they needed a device to keep us occupied while they made their set changes, but this was completely distracting. It just cheapened the Spiderman Myth by force-feeding the idea that all of this is coming from these four idiots having a little brainstorming session. And then... We never find out what happens to these four idiots because the acid trip induced Spider Ladies prance onto the stage and proclaim "We are going to take over the story now." There were about 7 interruptions during the show including a woman who screamed because she felt she had paid for a preview and not a dress-rehearsal. I have to agree. I expect a generous amount of pauses and re-sets during a dress-rehearsal, but not during a preview. A preview should be about seeing what works, and getting audience reaction, not about seeing IF it works. I hope they re-write this baby before January because right now, the tail is wagging the dog. The sets, effects and costumes should serve the story, not the other way around. Dont kill off your bad guy until the end. Especially a really good bad guy. He was funny, and fun to watch. Get rid of the spider-lady. It makes no sense having her there. And the dream sequences... please. For 60 million dollars can someone tell a story that doesnt have a dream sequence? Ditch the four goons and find a better device for keeping the audience occupied while waiting for the set change. Okay... rant over.