2hr. 20min. (1 intermission)



This show is pure comedy. You dont have to be a Monty Python fan to get all the cleverly-told and timed jokes in this production, as many of them are aimed directly at musicals themselves. By far, the funniest musical Ive ever seen.


Loved the show. Very funny!! Saw it twice. The seats, however, are very uncomfortable especially in the balcony. Less uncomfortable in the orchestra. At NYC


laughed thoughout the show. amazed at how clever and talented eric idle is in developing this show

Clay Aiken is fantastic

First time saw Spamalot and laughed so hard I cried. Clay Aiken was fastastic!

Clay Aiken is spectacular

I saw Clay Aiken on 1/27/08 and he is absolutely an amazing singer, dancer and actor and a real asset to the cast of Spamalot.

A comic triumph

Be prepared to laugh till you split open. The best time Ive had at the theater in years. If you havent seen Spamalot, or havent seen it in awhile, you must see the show with this cast. Loved it.