Sister Act

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Such a wonderful show!

There is a reason why Alan Menken has won 8 Oscar awards... this music is Fabulous! I was concerned it wouldnt work when I heard they werent using the music from the movie, but it was awesome. The fact that the music is all new and the show is still a success, is a testament to the plot alone. The production value is amazing and the actors are divine! Patina Miller is a showstopper and Victoria Clark is amazing as always. I wish they sold Mirrored Marys at the Merchandise stand! Thank you Sister Act!

An Entertaining, Lighthearted Act

This show is perfect for theater goers who prefer lighthearted entertainment. I usually prefer meatier productions, but I still enjoyed Sister Act. Great singing, wonderful staging and enjoyable characters made for a good show.

RE:Go to church

If you saw the movie or just like "religous themed" comedies, you will love this show. Great music and those Sisters can sing. Patina Miller is a real treat! The church themed sets were glorious too.