1hr. 30min.



THIS IS WHAT THEATER IS ALL ABOUT! This is an electfifying theater experience not to be missed. This show should win the Tony Award for best play, best acting both actors were stupendous, but especially Molina, most imaginative sets, best direction. This is the thrill of top theater, when the best of everything converges. Here is genius all around.....and breathtaking theater!


This is a play that no serious theatregoer can afford to miss. Brilliantly written,acted and directed this is one of the seasons high points.It really gets inside the head of a complex man, and makes us see what a genius he was. Teriffic theatre and very much worth seeing. Bravo to all involved.

th art of making art

Tremendous, rapid paced fun look inside the mind of Mark Rothko as he struggles with a set of paintings to adorn the walls of a new, ultra-high-end restaurant in Manhattan. Molina and Redmayne give boffo performances. If youre interested in art, in its history, in the clash between its commercial and "art" sides, itll probably be up your alley. If if youre not, but youre a fan of quality acting, dont hesitate.


RED is the best new American play I have seen ina long time. Alfred Molina and Eddie Redmayne give truly outstanding performances. I just returned from its first preview, where it received a well-deserbed standing ovation! Bravo!


The best new American play I have seen in a long time. Alfred Molina and Eddie Tremayne give truly outstanding performances. The play can be interpreted on several levels, and it received a well deserved standing ovation at its first preview! Bravo!