Rain - A Tribute to The Beatles On Broadway

2hr. 20min. (1 intermission)


enjoyable evening

I was never a big Beatles fan but we loved this show. I would definitely see this again!

Loved it! And you will too!

Fun, fun, fun! If you love the Beatles, this play is your drug! Go now!

Love the Beatles? Then you will love this!

This is a truly a unique Beatlesque adventure, probably the closest most of us will ever get to experiencing not only their music, Especially their early material, but their magical persona in a concert setting. Yes there are other great Beatle tribute bands,such as the Fab Faux, who actually charge just as much now for one of their shows while playing music from only one album per concert--they sound Amazing- but dont capture the Whole Beatle Experience like Rain does.

Fun afternoon

Im a huge Beatles fan since 1966 when I was in Kindergarten. True love never dies, and their music still holds up. Went with a friend from that same year, another fan. We had a great time. Lots of nostalgia, sang along, danced a bit, the "Paul" had a great patter not unlike the real Paul, videos were like a "this is your life" trip. Mixed audience, though most my basic demographic. All ages were having fun, though. We all left grinning. A fun day. That said, I had Gold Club tickets really, you should look into it, and I would say this is a fun trip, but have to agree, full price Broadway tickets are too much to pay. Not sure how non fans would react.

Rain review

If you like the Beatles music, you would love the show. You can see three generations in the audience. Musicians have a lot of resemblence with the real Beatles, they play very well. There is interaction with the audience. Musicians make you stand up and dance to your favorite tunes.


Based on the previous reviews I was on the fence about seeing this show.... Went to see the show last night, weather was horrible, cold, rain, hail etc...so naturally wouldve been easy to just say home to be warm and dry....I AM SO glad I didnt listen to the reviews..... the show was awesome!!! we all had a GREAT time! the bands interaction with the audience - was GREAT!! They had us stand up for a few songs, clapping along, singing along....the costumes, scenery..... the video was cool.... even if you like the Beatles a little bit you will definitely enjoy this show!!! Hurry up and get your tickets I believe its a limited performance.... oh and there is NO bad seat in this theater.

Mediocre cover band

Thought there would be a little story woven into the music but no! The musicians were good but Ive seen better like at BB Kings Beatles Brunch. Cant get over the fact that the bassist wasnt a lefty like Paul - looked incongruous!

Not Broadway worthy

Cant believe they have the nerve to perform on Broadway and charge $122 for orchestra seats!

Good fun, and good music

This show was a lot of fun; it was well put together, and the music was good, too special mention to the lead guitarist. I especially liked seeing how the Beatles evolved over the years: from the young, enthusiastic lads on their first trip to the States, to the Sgt. Peppers glow-in-the-dark mystical phase, to the matured Abbey Road master musicians playing for themselves more than for anyone else. The show caught all the stages, with both the music and the costumes. it was like watching the Beatles and myself, of course grow up again. And aside from that, it was really plain old fun! I definitely recommend seeing the show. Have fun!


This was very enjoyable, However where this is a concert "the audience interacts with the audience". Beatlemania was more linear, taking you though the history of the Beatles. Also the multimedia was more emotional for me in Beatlemania. But that may be do to time. Still a excelling show


I have seen Rain 3 times and if you are a true Beatles fan, this is the show to see. Their appearance-costumes and sounds are just like the original Beatles. When they do Hey Jude and When My Guitar Gently Weeps-it is the Beatles.

this was a fun show

if you love the Beatles...youll love this show....


The best thing Ive ever seen on Broadway. Better than Jersey Boys which was great, Phantom, Les Miz. More like a concert, than a Broadway show, but magical! If you were a Beatles fan, Youll love this show.


I wish I could vote 1 star. This is the worst theatre or Broadway performance I have ever attended. I was so bored that the two of us left after an hour. These "boys" neither look nor sound like the real thing and I saw them once live. Thus excuse for a musical is a poor imitation of the real thing. The stage set is insultingly unimaginative. The lighting is even worse. I think we did better with two pie plates, saran wrap, oil and food colouring and an overhead projector. If you want good value for your money, do not book rain. Go across Abby Road 52nd Street and see Jersey Boys. You will have a much more enjoyable night.